LS-703L Air Cooler

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  • Installation:Floor
  • Power Source:Electric
  • Material:Metal

Key Features

• Twin Timer • Ceramic Plunger. • Brass made Pump head • Heavy Duty Luxurious Casing1. Pump head made by Brass forged.
2. Triple plungers drove by Angle plate that pressure stead able.
3. Ceramic Plunger hardness and wear and tear resistance.
4. Twin Timer easy setting.
5. Low pressure switch that will cut down Power when the pressure of water source lower than 0.5kg/cm2 for protect the Pump running without water.
6. Oil drain by Ball Cock make maintenance more easy.
7. Outlet and inlet solenoid valve is available optioned, which can anti-water drop when the machine stop running.
8. Heavy duty steel casing with painting coating.
9. Good application for Landscape: Misting in Yard, Garden, Café, Industry : Mining factory , Casting factory, Painting factory for anti-dust. Agriculture: Chicken farm reduce temperature, Green House, Mushroom rising humidity. Textile industry: Rising Humidity, Antistatic. Reduce temperature: School, Factory, Warehouse, Sport, Fair that located open door areas.

Pump Angle plate type Ceramic Plunger Brass Head Pump
Pressure kgf/cm2 20~70 kgf/cm2
Discharge Volume L/min 1L/min
E/M HP 1P x 1HP
Voltage / HZ 220V/60HZ, 220V/50HZ
Running Time 10 Sec ~ 60 Min.
Stopping Time 1 Min. ~ 60 Min.
Net Weight KGS 28 kgs
Outlet, Inlet Solenoid Valve Option

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